For almost 50 years Double Eagle has focused on what makes a boat perform and stand up to the pounding conditions of the ever-changing ocean. It starts with a superior hull design and is finished off with quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Many of our fabrication team and design personnel have over 25 years boat building experience. In the end nothing can take the place of experience!

Double Eagle continues to look for new processes and materials, the following are some of the fabrication practices found in all Double Eagles.

  • Hull design – they all look the same but they do not perform the same. Double Eagle is recognized as one the best on the coast, not by us, but by the experienced boaters that own them and standby them. In the end the testament of a great product is the customers that use it and swear by it. The next time you see a Double Eagle owner ask them what they think of their Double Eagle.
  • Premium polyester gel-coat for reduced long term osmotic blistering and exceptional buff back characteristics.
  • Uniform hand rolled lay-up hull construction by experienced fabricators in an ISO certified environment. Main structural layer rolled in a continuous direction from bow to stern. An ISO certified production environment provides the greatest assurance of a quality composite construction.
  • After lay-up the boat is left to cure in the mould for 3 days. This ensures that your Double Eagle boat retains its design shape for superior performance.
  • Reinforced keel area – for impact resistance.
  • All structural reinforcement materials (Stringers, Transoms) are encapsulated in resin and uniformly fibre-glassed into place, becoming part of the hull structure.
  • Liners are bonded (never tacked) into the hull using structural compounds and fibreglass, in essence creating almost second hull, increasing the structural integrity of the hull.
  • All deck hardware is stainless steel (cleats, hinges, bow rails, etc.). We do not use chrome-plated materials.
  • All bow rails are stainless steel and are custom welded for Double Eagle. We do not use stock elbows and fittings, which can come apart over time.
  • Hull and deck are bolted together along the sides (not just glued or riveted) every six inches with stainless steel bolts. Bolting offers superior prevention of hull and deck separation and allows for ease of repair to one or both components.